hi, I'm kelsey joy

thanks for being here!
I’m a certified life coach and
positive psychology practitioner
dedicated to helping women
find their joy
and unleash their potential.

Watching a woman step into her power is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. It’s what drives me to do this work. I know what it feels like to allow fear to keep you playing small, look in the mirror and not like what you see, develop destructive habits, feel unmotivated to get out of bed, stay in a job that doesn’t speak to your true potential, not know what you’re doing with your life, and let the comparison game fuel your inner mean girl. Even though many people around me didn't realize it (hello putting on that fake smile), I lived that way for YEARS until I realized that, with a little courage and determination, anyone can cultivate happiness.

So, I took action, invested in my own happiness, and partnered with two badass women (my therapist and my life coach) who completely transformed my life. I experienced just how valuable it is to have an unbiased teammate who listens without judgment, offers a space for me to explore and strategize, challenges me to step into my strength, and celebrates my wins. Now, I actually wake up feeling excited about the day ahead, know that I’m worthy of a life I love, have clarity around my life purpose, and still feel fearful but take action anyway. I’m not perfect and it’s not an easy process. It involves shedding those people and things that feel safe, but ultimately aren’t serving you including those feelings of doubt, insecurity, shame and unworthiness that we ALL experience. And it’s so worth it. It’s worth it to wake up and believe in yourself, to love yourself, to find your joy, to thrive instead of just survive, and to share that love of life with the people around you.

My goal, over the next 10 years, is to support 1,000+ women in finding and living their joy. I’m now a Certified Professional Life Coach and received my formal training through iPEC. I also hold a certification in Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center. Ultimately, I specialize in helping women feel confident, make their mindset work for them, increase positive habits in their daily life, clarify their goals, cultivate meaningful relationships, and build a career and systems that allow them to thrive. My philosophy is to work with you for a short time, with the ultimate goal of you being able to walk away and sustain these strategies for your lifetime. Many coaches require a long-term commitment, but I believe in sharing knowledge, tools, and resources so you don’t invest any more than you truly need to.

Here’s to giving yourself permission to find your joy and step into your power.

The idea is to live your life in a way that makes you feel lit up. Alive. Full fledged. Beautiful. Know and find what nourishes you inside out, bones to skin and then build your world from that alone. All else is not part of your revolution. Or your ultimate evolution.
— Victoria Erikson